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September 26, 2000

You'll find that, when removed from the adoring glare of the camera, there are two kinds of celebrities. There are those fabulons that look and sound like normal people -- they eat, they sleep, they cry -- and there are those that look famous at every given moment. During one leisurely stroll through the streets of Manhattan, I came across one member of each species. I saw a representative of the first category, the lovely Julianne Moore, at Two Boots Video in the East Village, a quirky rental place with Julianne Moore films on every shelf. Julie -- completely dressed down, sans make-up, and still absolutely gorgeous -- seemed oblivious to her omnipresence as she chatted with friends in the adjoining pizza place. Had I not been the media whore that I am, I wouldn't have noticed her, as she blended expertly into the East Village riffraff.

Not so the member of the second group: the regal Liev Schrieber. I saw the actor not an hour later in midtown, adjusting some headphones as he mounted a bike to cruise through the crowded, tourist-filled streets. Not only does Liev look exactly like he does on screen -- he looked more like a projection of himself than an actual human -- it was as if an invisible cape blew magnificently from his shoulders as he biked along unnoticed. I felt the sudden urge to salute him!

There is a third category, of course: the pseudo-stars who are famous by accident. I noted a representative of this group a day earlier while eating at Rubyfoos in midtown (two blocks from my headquarters here at the HoJo), as "Survivor" contestant Sean Kenniff strolled by the window and paused to either gather his thoughts or, perhaps, simply gather a thought. Perhaps coming from the filming of his "Guiding Light" guest spot, the handsome Dr. Sean was in "Sean costume," wearing the same Regis-inspired suit he's worn in literally every post-"Survivor" appearance. Stunning, naturally, but I couldn't help thinking of "The Simpsons" episode where Marge buys a Chanel suit and has to alter it repeatedly because it's the only nice garment she owns. Sean, would you like a recommendation for a good tailor?

Aucoin Operated

A gaggle of really famous-looking people descended on Lotus in the Village last week to celebrate the release of makeup maestro Kevyn Aucoin's new book, "Face Forward." Kev, a master of blush, transforms some of Hollywood's current divas into visions of yesteryear. The mob scene at the affair, however, was decidedly, modernly annoying, as people raced to catch a glimpse of Kev and his date for the evening, Cher. (They were inseparable, according to reports. Don't worry, Cher lovers, Kevin and I are in the same area code, so to speak.) Also at the party: Julianne Moore (looking a tad more glamorous than when I saw her), Susan Sarandon, and Winona Ryder...almost. It seems that Winona forgot to read her invitation and came to the door wearing a rock tee-shirt, jeans, and a hairstyle that can best be described as "wind-blown." Winnie sidled up to Susan in horror and proclaimed that she was going to go home to change. She hastily blew away and never came back! Gosh, talk about a Lost Soul!

P.S. You must check out Kevyn's book. It's glamour overload, with pics of all the aforementioned celebrities, plus Hilary Swank, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Martha Stewart (as Veronica Lake, no less, now that's makeup!)

Lauren's Tommy Boy

Jim Carrey's discarded lover Lauren Holly, who's five minutes from the half-priced bin at your local fame store, made a splash at the Tommy Hilfiger party at Eugene last week by showing off her newest investment-banker boyfriend, Francis Greco. His arm was glued around her the entire evening (even to the bathroom, I wonder?), and she proclaimed that she was moving to New York for him. Of course, if you're a star-struck fool like myself, you might never have noticed Laurie and her new beau, thanks to the throng of lovely people in the room including Jared Leto, Joaquin Phoenix (sharp as a tack, that boy), Starr Jones, Eddie Furlong, Milla Jovovich, and Eddie Cibrian, getting busy with "Survivor" contestant Jenna Lewis. (Good God, will she just go away, please?!) Even Tommy was dipping into the fame pool as one would dip a Frito into extremely rich sour cream and onion dip; he was fastened to hollow model Maggie Rizer the entire evening.

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