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Welcome Back!

You're not dreaming and neither are we!

It's been two long years and we're thrilled to be on your desktops and in your hearts again.

We missed you! Did you miss us?

The last time we talked, it was December of 2000. We know; we can hardly believe it ourselves.

But, trust us, our hasty exit was the last thing we wanted. Or expected. You could say that the relationship we were in, um, suddenly changed.

(Remember in the second season of "Buffy" when she and Angel finally hook up? Then the curse kicks in and he turns into a ravening, scheming, blood-sucking demon? Well, we're Buffy.)

For an inside peek at BG's own "Predicament of 2000-2003" just read this letter.

Through all the quicksandy surprises and legal stickerbushes, though, we kept heading for the high road. Because we knew it would lead back to you. And here you are!

So... where are we?

Though it crushes us to say so, we won't be able to bring you new content every day like we used to. Because life must go on, the members of Team BG have stepped into various new identities, secret and otherwise.

However! BG may not be able to answer your questions, but that doesn't mean you can't get answers!

All the fantastic heartbreak-busting Advice Archives you remember are now here for you to plunder whenever you need them!

Marvel at our amazing comics and animation! Come back to Breakup World and check out all of BG's hilarious adventures. Watch the exclusive Web premiere of our hardly-ever-before-seen animated pilot, "Fear of Flying"!

You can Electric Boogaloo down Memory Lane for Retro-Gossip with Gregoire! ["The cutting edge is so passe. Going back is the new going forward." -G.]

We've included all the great dating advice from the Big To Do, which still offers the best tips for every stage of your relationship, from Zero to Nifty.

Visit our Interactive Time Capsule, a little thing we like to call "SuperList: The Astonishing World of The Year 2000!"

Dig into BG's C@re Package to find groovy techno-schwag like "The Affirmatron," "The Magic Beach Ball," and brand-new BG.net screensavers for the Mac!

But wait! There's more! Keep checking back because, whenever we can, we'll be adding more cool stuff, including some special surprises. (Hint: You won't BELIEVE what happened to Paul The Intern!)

Thanks for dropping in to see the new digs. You know, we always used to work without a net. Now we're working with one -- a "dot-net," to be precise.

But we don't mind.

As long as you're willing to take us back.

All our love,
Breakup Girl and Team BG


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