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A Superhero's Guide to Love, and Lack Thereof

Now saving love lives at a bookstore near you!

Now you can take Breakup Girl with you wherever you go! Lynn Harris and Chris Kalb have created a compendium of columns, comics, advice, and asides that bring together the best elements of breakupgirl.net -- all in an edgy "old-school" medium: print!

Breakup Girl to the Rescue! guides readers -- men and women alike -- through the crucial stages of heartache and healing: the After, the Before, and the During. From Breakups 101, to the rediscovery of dating, to navigating your new relationship, BGTTR leads you toward better days with BG's trademark wit and wisdom.

AFTER -- Breakup Girl begins at the end because, if you think about it, the last day of your old relationship is the first day you start building a foundation for a new one.

BEFORE -- Rather than scoot you into a relationship, BG wants you to enjoy your singlehood. She'll help you make sure that when you decide to jump, it's the right time… and the right person.

DURING -- When you do become the opposite of single, BG's right there to help you tackle the totally worth-it world of being attached.

BOOK EXCLUSIVE! Breakup Girl to the Rescue! also features a brand new, extended dance mix "Adventures of Breakup Girl" comic from award-winning illustrator and BG Co-Creator Chris Kalb. Fans of the online comic will finally discover the origins of BG's nemesis Ex Luthor... only in BGTTR!

The book also includes Important BG Maxims, BG Talking Points, and data points from polls conducted on breakupgirl.net!


Doing the Deed:
A Step-by-Step Guide

an excerpt

This is not the part of the book where you spend a lot of time figuring out whether or not you should break up. You've got entire relationships to do that. By now, I trust, you've figured out that the feeling you've got to follow is not the one in your head that says, "But statistics show that my chances of finding someone else will decrease dramatically if I become single now." It is not the one in your heart that says, "but I can't hurt my love's feelings!" ... It is not the one in your loins that says, "[Unprintable matter.]"...

It is the one in your gut that says, "OW OW OW OW OW OW OW, but this is the Right Thing to Do. OW OW OW."

If you promise me that that's the feeling you're following, then it's time for this.

In Defense of the Dumper
Dumpers, like lawyers, are universally reviled in an unfair, knee-jerk way. Contrary to popular belief, however, dumpers are people too. ... You dumpers of the world -- if you are kind -- are brave. ... I get just as many letters from agonized dumpers as I do from their (ex-) counterparts. ...

Important Breakup Girl Maxim:
Let your ex be mad because you broke up with him/her. Not because of how you broke up with him/her.
From Friends to More Than
an excerpt

So you've got this great friend. You do everything together: shop, hang, talk, work out, talk about your lame love lives and NATO expansion. You know each other's families; you take care of each other's plants. You fend off friends' suggestions that you should be a couple, saying, "No way, that would be too weird!"

But then, somehow, you realized that what you really want to do together... is the one thing you haven't done together. ... Ugh. So what are you going to do? Especially 'cause you can't ask your, uh, friend for advice. Well, that's where I come in.

Diagnosis: More than Friends?
Here's what to ask yourself:

1. What flavor of friend are we? Are you longtime pals from, like, before you were old enough to date? ... Or are you more recent friends who, for whatever reason, have never had the chance to upgrade? There's no one right way to proceed in either case; I'm just trying to help you calibrate your feelings. ...

2. Is the crush enhancing the friendship or interfering with it? I can say with professional and personal certainty that men and women (or same-sex pals) can be "just friends." But that doesn't mean you haven't wondered "what if?" about practically everyone you know, and it doesn't mean you don't develop crushes from time to time. ...

G E T T I N G    T H E    D I G I T S
A "Friend," Indeed

• Sixty-eight percent of BG readers have turned a friendship into a relationship! Eleven percent did that thing called "Friends who sleep together."

• If you broke up, did you stay friends? Most say, "Yes, but it wasn't the same."

• How did the transition happen? Tie (37 percent) between "A mutual 'Let's see what happens' discussion" and "An 'I Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore' speech by one partner." Runner-up: "An 'I Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore' collapse into bed."

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"Lynn Harris has done for the failing relationship what Jonas Salk did for polio. I want my stuff back."
-- Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist

"Heartache is hell. Breakup Girl makes it swell."
-- Cynthia Rowley and Ilene Rosenzweig, authors of Swell

"Breakup Girl has become a star."
-- New York Times

"A seriously smart and insightful heroine for the new millennium, Lynn Harris's Breakup Girl is a Joan of Arc for the brokenhearted, a combination Scarlett O'Hara, Mae West, Dear Abby, and Dorothy Parker."
-- Regina Barreca, author of Perfect Husbands (and Other Fairy Tales)

"Breakup Girl to the Rescue! uses a clever, knowing voice and a soothing touch to make all the difference on a very tricky subject."
-- Judith Sills, psychologist, author of A Fine Romance and Excess Baggage

"Men, women, and everyone in between can turn to Breakup Girl to the Rescue! for razor-sharp advice and a shoulder to cry on. Wise, witty, funny, and compassionate, she's a true superhero with a voice and a mind of her own."
-- Shayrn Wolf, C.S.W., author of Guerilla Dating Tactics