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Breakup Girl 0.5

June 1996. Breakup Girl first hits the streets/shelves as the super-narrator of the book He Loved Me, He Loves Me Not: A Guide to Fudge, Fury, Free Time, and Life Beyond the Breakup (Avon), written by Lynn Harris and designed and illustrated by Chris Kalb (who share a brownstone, a dream, and a totally platonic relationship). Breakup Girl's balance of larger-than-life powers and real-life experience give the text a consistent, authoritative-yet-quirky voice and embody the book’s mission: to help people going through a breakup cry until they laugh.

Breakup Girl 1.0

1997. Reader and press response to the book and character — along with growing media demand for Lynn as a relationships pundit — leads Chris and Lynn to believe that two dimensions are not enough for our hero. Chris itches to create ongoing comic adventures; Lynn itches to offer interactive advice.

Result: the launch of BreakupGirl.com in November, addressing all aspects of relationships with a weekly advice column, a monthly cartoon adventure, and excerpts from the book.

November 1998: The team launches the monthly variety show "Breakup Girl LIVE" at New York City's Gotham Comedy Club.

Breakup Girl 2.0

1999. In January, breakupgirl.com’s content goes from weekly to daily, adding seven new areas — and one and a half new staff members -- all within the confines of one Brooklyn brownstone and two other jobs. Also:

"Breakup Girl LIVE" celebrates its one-year anniversary.

Oxygen Media, Inc. inquires about acquiring Breakup Girl and co. as the main relationships content for the network.

Breakup Girl 3.0

Breakup Girl's relationship with Oxygen gets serious. Chris, Lynn, and Betsy leave their brownstone for Oxygen's Chelsea studio, hiring a new senior producer and an additional animator on the way. They expand the site, incorporating navigable advice archives and other new features they'd only been able to dream about before.

March 2000: The Breakup Girl television series debuts as part of Oxygen's hip animation block, X-Chromosome.

March 2000: Breakup Girl to the Rescue is published by Little, Brown & Co.

June 2000: Breakup Girl animation hits the Web.

December 5, 2000: The party is over! Lynn, Chris and 63 other people are laid off from Oxygen and told to leave by 6:00 PM that day.

March 2001: Oxygen finally takes down the Breakupgirl.com site, which hasn't been updated since December. The front page still reads "Blue Xmas."

Breakup Girl 4.0

2003. After two years of legal wrangling and corporate foot-dragging, Lynn and Chris "get their stuff back" from the Oxygen breakup. Older and somewhat wiser, they launch their "classic" content to once again aid the internet lovelorn! This time, though, the site is at Breakupgirl.NET, because Oxygen neglected to pay a $35 domain registration bill. Yes, the history-making breakupgirl.com address is now in the hands of shady, Canadian squatters.

No matter where we are, we're delighted to be back. ONWARD AND OVER-IT-WARD ...

Breakup Girl 5.0

Today. Same great content -- fresh new look. Breakup Girl's hip, humorous brand of help is still relevant, so why not a new design, one that says "take another look at BG.net"--? Plus -- dare we say it? -- new features and comics in the works? Watch this virtual space!


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