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I am Breakup Girl.

I am the only superhero whose domain is love -- or lack thereof -- and who mends broken hearts worldwide with the help of the worldwide Web. My job is to fight crimes of the heart, stop dating indignities, get your stuff back, help you help your mom through your breakup, make good relationships great ... all the while trying to make time to have romantic problems of my own, if you know what I mean.

Why a superhero who saves love lives? Well, it wasn't my idea at first. But think about it. Natural disasters, criminal masterminds, and global conspiracies have their own superheroes. Why not a superhero for relationship issues? You know, natural disasters, criminal masterminds, and global conspiracies.

Bending steel bars? That's power. But mending broken hearts? That's ... super.

Love's not just the fluff piece at the end of the news, you know. The bombs may drop, the floods may come, but we are rarely a moment away from saying, "Did he call?" "Will she say yes?" "What should I wear to the superpower summit?" I believe that we can all make our breakups, and thus our relationships, and thus our bad selves — and thus the planet — better places.

My superpowers allow me not only to hear heartbreak, but also to find the rueful humor therein. This enterprise is not bitter.com, datingsucks.com, or i’lldiealoneandchildless.com. Rather, breakupgirl.net gives you a warm, witty place to go where you feel not only that you’re not alone, but also, more importantly, that you're not a big loser. I'll give you help when you need it, and a good laugh anytime you come by. I promise to be as thoughtful and fun as the relationships I’d like you to have.

Everyone is welcome here, even couples, no matter how cute you two are. Breakup Girl serves:

  • Both sexes. Breakup Girl is an equal-opportunity superhero. I’m a girl because I was born that way, not because I take gender-based sides. Wouldn't that kinda defeat the purpose? It's treaty time in the "gender wars;" I believe that we can all get along. In certain combinations, maybe for only three months at a time, but still.
  • All ages. Teen love is different from grownup love mainly in that teens are more likely to measure their relationships in lunch periods, and adults are less likely to use Scotch tape on their walls. Teens are wise beyond their years; grownups play house and buy Hello, Kitty. Let's learn from each other.
  • All sexual preferences. Gay, straight, curious, tri — no matter what our lifestyle choices, we all manage to achieve our shared goal of freaking out our parents.
  • All phases of attachment. People often write, "Dear Breakup Girl, I wish I’d had a breakup because that would mean I’d had a relationship." Sure, but the goal here is not to Get a Relationship. If you think that once you do, your work is done, you’ve got another think coming. (Like, "I think we need to talk.") The goal is to have a healthy relationship — especially with that hottie named Numero Uno. You know, you. Because Numeros Dos, Tres, et. al. are icing. Gravy. Hot chipotle mayo on your sweet potato fries. Not essential, but ... yum.

Enjoy your visit and come back often ... between your own adventures in the Real Life you love, with or without a bonus lover. I'll be here. Though I should probably get out more, too.

Breakup Girl

Saving Love Lives the World Over. Breakup Girl (the co-creation of writer-comedian Lynn Harris and cartoonist-designer Christopher Kalb) uses her wit, wisdom, and utility fanny pack to help women and men find the humor in heartbreak and the wherewithal to make good relationships -- or singlehood -- great.

There's more about us:

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BreakupGirl.net at a glance:

Advice from Breakup Girl!
The advice column -- Breakup Girl to the Rescue! -- tackles the highlights of the thousands of letters BG receives from the world’s inquiring hearts: male, female, gay, straight, married, single, hopeful, jaded, and everyone in between.

The Adventures of Breakup Girl!
BG's comic book adventures chronicle her daring rescues of the lovelorn, epic showdowns with rivals, and brave attempts to get past her own third dates.

Breakup Girl The Animated Series
Flash cartoons that are equal parts warm humor and sharp advice.

Multimedia C@re Package
Feeling gloomy and geeky? "Solitaire" too symbolic? BG's multimedia games and goodies will remind you what it's like to have fun.

The Big To Do
This section offers roving reports from the front lines of dating, covering diverse innovations in romance for singles and couples alike, around town and around the world.

BreakupGirl.net archives:

Gossip with Gregoire
Our celebrity-romance gossip columnist finds l’amour in glamour! Gregoire dishes out and on reports from his cadre of spies and his dutiful, sharp-eyed readers.

You & a Guest
BG readers want to know! Breakup Girl finds famous folks who are in the news and in the know, then lets you ask the hard-hitting questions about what they do (and with whom).

The SuperList
BG inventories the latest brainstorms and barnstormers, folks and factoids, gizmos and gladrags ... the latest in Y2K, anyway.


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