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Sugar, Caffeine, Shopping, and Social Intercourse!

by Betsy Fast, Breakup Girl Friday

You're longing to meet a fresh face...but where? All you know about the cutie you see on the bus everyday is that he's addicted to wheatgrass. Even BG's dorkiest advice ever (see Dateless and Lonely) doesn't always cut it, for who wants to join the National Mime Society and get a date with its president before ever seeing him sans makeup? (Worse, what if he has nothing to say?) So just come out and say it: you want a date, but you want to know what you're getting into before you take the plunge.

Oh, if only there were a place in this enormous city where one could meet other like-minded -- read: attractive, hip, smart -- singles in a pressureless environment...

Wait no longer, for LUVBUZZ is here (on the Upper East Side, of all places) ... and as you'll see, membership has its privileges!

The Investigation: What's All The Buzz About?

LUVBUZZ looks fun enough from the outside, but it wasn't until BG and I waltzed into the lively lounge late last Friday night (incognito, of course: I made BG leave the cape at the Studio...), that we realized just how funkilicious it really is. The smooth-as-honey interior, designed by Miguel Calvo, features a recurring honeycomb motif and red hot acrylic bar. The clientele is, thankfully, equally smooth. (I didn't spot anyone who would've made me beeline to the door!)

Here's how it works: Make one purchase (BG and I liked the LUVjuice -- Strasberi, Limonaya, and fresh lemon juice -- but you can get also coffee, yummer snacks, or fun LUVBUZZin' gifts), and you're automatically eligible to fill out a questionnaire. After choosing a clever pseudonym -- a LUVHANDLE™ (BG, why didn't we think of that?) -- you're free to describe both yourself and your ideal mate. Zaney Janie (LUZBUZZ's event planner extraordinaire) will snap a digital photo, and, before you know it, you and your lovehandle are part of the DATE-A-BASE™ (why didn't we think of that?), on screen for all to see! Peruse the binders of questionnaires or check out the computer images, find the honey of your choice, and then locate one of the professionally trained LUVBEES to facilitate introductions! Every few weeks, LUVBUZZ hosts a "Date Night," where parties who have shown interest in each other get to meet. Zaney Janie noted, "We'll always have our Date Nights on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday nights. If things don't look promising, you can always just bow out politely with, 'I've got to work tomorrow.'" Phew.

Sweet As Honey

To the delight of BG and yours truly, the LUVBUZZ gals have also come up with a brilliant bunch of snacks. No worries about maneuvering a forkful of spaghetti in front of your new date; at LUVBUZZ, you can custom-select easy-eatin' snack mixes to suit your mood. Feeling saucy? Try the Wasabi Green Peas or Cajun Devil Peanuts. Smooth love on your mind? Try the Sweet Grahamwiches or the Dip-A-Licious (marshmallows, graham crackers, and dried fruit in a caramel or chocolate dipping sauce). You just can't go wrong.

Here's the stinger: LUVBUZZ has all sorts of exciting events planned, including:

This Saturday's All Hallow's Eve Party!

The gatekeepers of LUVBUZZ will provide you with tricks and treats as downtown DJ Count MICK-ULA spins his web of melodies for dancing, romancing and brain-eating. Show up dressed to kill or thrill. (Prizes awarded for best costumes!)

Also watch for upcoming parties for Sadie Hawkins and Valentine's Day...

Even if you're not looking to cross-pollinate, LUVBUZZ is a great hangout -- a humming "downtown" spot in an uptown 'hood with its share of drones. BG and I spotted many pairs who were having a heck of a good time just kicking back and enjoying the mood. Who knows, maybe they met there?

1438 Third Avenue (between 81/82 Sts.), NYC
(212) 717-0100

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