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You may have held the temporary misconception that your breakup was unique, the worst, a previously uncharted territory of hell on earth. You may have thought briefly that you'd reached new depths of the dumps, new heights of hurt, that the things you said and heard truly revolutionized the rhetoric of resentment.

But at the same time, didn't you have this weird feeling of deja-dump?-that you'd heard this before, that you were quoting yourself (or Elizabeth Taylor)?

Truth is, breakups are all cuts of the same cheap cloth, different flavors of the same soft-serv, wormy crabapples from the same tree. What follows are handy pull-downs you can use for proof -- or future reference...

I. Intro
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II. Subject + Verb
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  [im]personal pronoun   helping/hurting verb (+n't)

III. Clause of Independence
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...Got that over with? Welcome to Splitsville!


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The Stages of the Breakup:

Dropping The Bomb

I Never Realized How Much I Enjoy Spending Time Alone

Renewing Your Commitment To Personal Hygiene And Reentering Society

A World History of the Breakup

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