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Year Three e-mail e-mail to a friend in need

Cap Day
Can Paul part with his defining headgear to get the girl?

Valentine Saint
BG works overtime to give everyone in the world a Valentine on February 14th.

JANE 1900
Craig wants to reunite with Jane 2000. Will the Y2K bug make her more compliant?

BG vs. The One
Is "The One" a real person, an imaginary standard ... or a super-villain?

Paul, BG Friday, and The Guy at the End of the Bar in an epic Unrequited Love Story!

Everyone Sez "I Love You"
It's BG vs. BUG when the "I LOVE YOU" e-mail virus freezes computers and emotions world wide.

The Grass is Greener!
Team BG becomes its own worst enemy in this specially illustrated comic adventure!

Supervillains: A Love Story
Miss Fling and Two-Timer are two wanted criminals who just want ... each other!

The Further Adventures!
Breakup Girl flies again on Lifetime Mobile! 28 BRAND-NEW stories on your cell phone!

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