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The Origin of Breakup Girl!
BG gets her superpowers when a jilt packs a jolt!

I Thee Fled
BG chases down a runaway groom... and registers the bride for some brand-new pride.

Breakup Girl Meets Miss Fling
BG and the queen of casual one-nighters begin a serious long-term rivalry.

"Aliens Abducted My Heart!"
BG Scullys her way to the heart of the real V-Day conspiracy.

No More Mr. Nice Guy
BG shows Paul the Intern how to build love, not lofts.

Class of '98
BG teams up with Classy Avenger to give "living well" the Oscar for "best revenge."

John Gray is From Mars!
Now it all makes sense.

The Byronic Man
BG leads the resistance to the scientific advances of this half-man / half-love machine brooding bad boy cyborg.

European Vacation
BG makes a heroic effort to relax.

How BG Got Her Intern Back
BG comes home to an office romance, an arch-enemy, and the funny feeling that she never left.

My Roots are Showing! A down-home BG upgrades an old friend.

Phantom of the Comedy Club
BG averts tragedy when the past comes back from the dead.

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