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August 2, 2000

You &... O-Town!

When it comes to ABC's Making the Band (ABC Fridays, 9p.m. ET), no inner voyeur is immune. Who can resist the opportunity to watch a group of cute, doe-eyed boys go through agony and defeat on the path to glory? It's just too good to pass up...

Several months ago, the boys we now know and love as O-Town were just five of thousands auditioning for Lou Pearlman's next band. Now, they're way more. They're TV personas. They're heartthrobs. They're O-Town. So, what's it like having cameras with you on the road to fame? How does it feel knowing that all of America knows you're not getting that dance combo?

We had to know. So we invited them over.

Thousands and thousands of you wrote in with your questions, and today we bring you your interview, straight from the mouths of the babes: Erik, Jacob, Trevor, Ashley, and...Dan. Wait, DAN?!?!?!


Dylan gets down to business: "I heard you guys came to Toronto and Ikaika wasn't there -- instead, there was a guy named Danny. Is this true? If so, how did Danny get into the picture? And what happened to Ikaika?"

Dan: Unfortunately, all we can say is watch the show. Everything starts to play out very soon and then the show will explain everything. Sorry!

(Nice try, Dylan!)

Dating and Romance: "Baby, I Would"

C.A. Mckinnon asks, "How do you pursue your dreams while being far away from the person you love? How do you make the relationship work?"

Ashley: If you love someone enough to endure the hardship of a long distance relationship, then you have to be willing to make sacrifices. You have to be willing to compromise and both come to understand that it can be really hard. You have to want it bad. Sometimes, it even means letting go of that person and just being friends.

(For Breakup Girl's take on going the distance, click here.)

Emma T asks, "If you had only $50 in your pocket and you were going out on a date with the woman you loved, what would you do?"

Trevor: I would buy a bunch of sandwich stuff and a bottle of sparkling cider and go on a picnic.

Crystal gets right to the point: "What do you find most attractive in a girl?"

Dan: Confidence and humor. The rest of her personality is usually cool if she knows how to carry herself.

(Note to selves.)

Kellie wants to know: "Do any of you have...a cute younger brother?!?!?!"

Jacob: You got to see my brother on the show. Everyone says we look like twins, but look for pictures of him and see for yourself. His name is Bryan.

Next up:
The boys talk about the price of fame!

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