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The winter holidays can be a tough time of year whether or not there's a dependent Claus in your life. It's hard to be single at Yuletide, because for one thing, you have to hear your parents say things like, "Won't your friend be joining us this year?" and "Well, did you sit with anyone interesting on the train?" and "Are you sure you have a good dermatologist?" It's also hard to be in a couple at the holidays, because it's ... expensive. What to do? How much to spend? Where to kiss? What is wassail?

Find all your answers in this special BG holiday guide. Because, of course, all you want for Christmas are Breakup Girl's two cents.

BG's Mini Holiday FAQ

BG's Holiday Advice Archive

BG's Gift Ideas

BG's Best Gift Idea of All

BG's Holiday Cards

BG's Holiday Party Tips

BG's Holiday Adventures:
      "It's a Wonderful Site!"
      "Valentine Saint" (featuring Old Saint Nick)

BG's "Holiday Hell" Message Board

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