What's On Your PowerBook?

Kelly Greene, before the breakup   Kelly Greene, after the breakup

list of gift ideas for his birthday, other upcoming holidays
  housewares I need for my room (sheets, door), now that I actually live there
my schedule
my living will
calendar of our anniversaries (by month)
  {system error message}
data base of his family members' addresses for Christmas, birthday cards
  data base of 3rd-year students at local law schools with jobs lined up for next year, scored by hacker friend
his resume
  his resume, with "detail-oriented" spelled wrong
draft of my novel
draft of guest list
  draft of pre-dating agreement, for "next time"
list of restaurants we've been meaning to go to
  map illustrating territorial settlements
interactive CD-ROM   Solitaire

What's On His PowerBook? Some weird virus...!?

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