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BREAKUP GIRL RETURNS in a new weekly series of adventures originally commissioned by Lifetime but presented here online for the first time! Wanna read ahead? Sign up for Lifetime Mobile.

Bad Boy
The kind you don't take home to mother, unless it's Breakup Mom!

28 Dates Later
The Last Single Man on Earth is not alone... he has Breakup Girl!

Red Vs. The Blues
Turns out dating across the aisle could be a Capitol idea.

Oops, I Split Up Again!
A pop princess just wants her stuff back from a toxic ex.

Fling Awakening
When is a rebound not a rebound? When there's a rematch with Miss Fling

The Ones & The Zeroes
Computer dating? Breakup Girl finally gets with the program!

High School: The Musical
In high school, asking out a friend can become a big production!

The Lovelorn Ultimatum
Taking over the city really takes ... commitment!

Baggage Claims
Breakup Girl Friday finds it's hard to carry-on with so much baggage.

For Special Agent Jackie Bauer the biological clock is ticking...

By Looks Or By Crooks
This beautiful smile masks an ugly secret.
Online 4/21

American Diva
Even "Barry White Night" may not save this competitive couple.
Online 4/28

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